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I’m glad to announce the debut of the REIHE LAPTOP ENSEMBLE. After four months of preparation we are ready to book concerts! Our first piece is called Stunde Null and it was premiered on May 31st @ AGON Contemporary Music Centre.

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Interview with LLEO: From Venice to Ibiza

Alessandro Gatto a.k.a. "LLEO" is an Italian DJ and music producer and resident in Ibiza. He began his music career in the underground clubs of Venice and playing several private parties in Veneto, a north east region in Italy...

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The South America Tour 2012/2013

The "South America Tour 2012/2013" was a complete success for LLEO music experience and career. Beginning from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, he started to have lot of gigs around the country arriving till Argentina. The best musically influence was from the "latin rhythm" that change the standard session who LLEO was usually playing...

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