Experimental Beach Ibiza

Experimental Beach Ibiza is the place to be in the summer. Don't miss the opportunity to try the new cocktails and food menus from the french Experimental Cocktail Group's family. Live the moment and take your moment to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The task to find the perfect music is give to resident dj LLEO, who perform every week (check the summer gigs). A mix of old refined vibes for the daytime/afternoon exchange his character arriving to a Balearic and Indi Dance style for the sunset time continuing for a Bossa Nova and Acid Jazz style for dinner time.

With a boho-chic vibe plus laidback setting, ECC Beach Ibiza attracts hedonistic jetsetters and locals alike. A stunning design by Dorothée Meilichzon (think muted shades and pastels) coupled with ECC style cocktails with a summer twist have proved a winning combination here. The menu with a French touch focuses on local ingredients for lunch and dinner. Fresh seafood stars include: the "Salted Crust Catch of the Day". For the cocktails, expect an Experimental Pimm's punch or pineapples topped with Pirate's Putoka. Go to Experimental Beach Ibiza to chill out in style, have lunch in the sunshine or for dinner accompanied by the most magnificent sunset on the island.

What's hot in Ibiza this summer? Check out the new Experimental Beach Ibiza for some beach fun in the sun, laidback lounging, yummy cocktails, fine wines along with high-end cuisine. The latest brainchild of the men behind the Experimental Cocktail Club (ECC) concept, this Ibiza beach spot opened its doors on May 1 2013. Located on the sands of Cap Des Falco, Ses Salinas, Experimental Beach Ibiza features a bar, restaurant, white luxurious sun beds, a view to die for, as well as Ibiza's top deejays spinning under the Mediterranean sun. Sounds amazing, don't you think?

Experimental Beach Ibiza offer the best place for get married with her. Are you interested to spend the most important day of your life with us? You already thought all the details? We have some offer for you, including catering, dj and much more! Don't hesitate to contact this email address for plan it on time.

Elisa - elisa@experimentalcocktailgroup.com

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